Monday, May 26, 2014

Triple Falls

After hiking over four miles to get to Bowers Hollow Falls, we finally made it back to the car. The weather was still perfect for photos, and we wanted to find a few other waterfalls nearby to take pictures of. ButAnd since we had just finished one hike, it would be nice if the next hike was easy. So we decided to drive through Boxley Valley and then hit Triple Falls, which are all within the Buffalo National River.

Fog shrouded the tops of the hills that surround Boxley Valley. It is an amazing place, filled with old barns and homes that are over a century old.



We then headed out to Triple Falls, which is located in a Boy Scout camp along the river. The falls are one of the easiest waterfalls to hike to in the state (although the dirt road in can be a bit bumpy). It's a short stroll to the falls, which was ridiculously easy after Bowers Hollow that morning (and Indian Creek a few weeks back). The falls are about fifty feet tall.


This barn is along the dirt road to the falls, and looks like it's about to be engulfed by the overgrown field surrounding it.


Our next stop was Jasper, for another traditional visit to the Ozark Cafe. Over lunch, we tried to decide where to go next. It was time to start heading back towards Little Rock, but there were a few places that we could hit along the way...

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