Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Haw Creek

After lunch at the Ozark Cafe (I had the chicken fried chicken sandwich, and it was awesome), we headed south towards home. But we had time to hit another waterfall, and decided to visit Haw Creek.


Haw Creek Falls are right by an Ozark National Forest campground, and to get there you do have to drive across the creek. It's a sort of low water bridge, and I hoped the creek would help to wash off some of the mud and dirt that had amassed on my car. We parked and made the very short walk to the falls, which actually had a good amount of water flowing through.


The falls are only 6 feet tall, but they stretch across the creek.



From there we headed back towards home, and got into Little Rock around 9 or so that night. It was a productive day for waterfalls. There has been a pretty bad drought here the past few years, and there hasn't been a very long waterfall season. So it was nice to be able to take a few pictures of this one, while it lasts.

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