Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last weekend, Zack and I decided to head off to see some more waterfalls. It had rained earlier in the week, and it was predicted to be cloudy all day on Saturday. Perfect conditions! So we picked out some waterfalls that we wanted to visit, and left after work on Friday.

It took longer than I would have liked to leave town, thanks to the traffic jam along I-40 in Mayflower. But we eventually broke free and started to get closer to the Ozarks. We had time to hit a waterfall before it got dark, and decided to hit Longpool Falls. The falls are near the Longpool campground along Big Piney Creek, and can be reached by a short hike. I've been to the falls many times, and have only been lucky enough to catch it running just one time before. I hoped that the falls would be running that day, after all the recent rains.

The trail to the falls is short, but it does involve a scramble over some slick rocks. Luckily the falls were running well enough, and I hurried to get some pictures of the 44 foot tall falls.


There is a smaller waterfall downstream from the falls, which have a lot of personality.


It was starting to get dark, but we stayed out there until the light was just about gone. This was a 25 second exposure:


We hiked back to the car and started driving deeper into the Ozarks, towards the spot where we camp that night. It would rain overnight, creating a memorable waterfall day out in the woods....

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