Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last weekend (and Monday)

If you consider the thick cake of pollen that has blanketed my car this week, you could easily tell that Spring has finally hit Arkansas. This is one of the best times of the year (other than autumn), when the trees begin to get leaves and the landscape turns to green again. The only downside is the pollen that turns everything green, but luckily we had a nice rainstorm pass through today that washed it all away (at least it made my car look somewhat clean).

 But last weekend I wanted to get a few pictures of the newly blossoming Spring. So on Saturday, while with my girlfriend, we visited a spot near Searcy. This is a view of the Little Red River, which isn't actually all that little, or red.


This overlook is B Rock, and it provided a nice overlook to the trees that were changing over into their Spring colors...


And on Sunday, I headed over to North Little Rock and visited the Old Mill. And since it was a warm Spring weekend afternoon, it can safely be assumed that the place was packed with people. I counted five people getting portraits taken while I was there, and countless others crowding the mill and surrounding grounds. But miraculously, I managed to get a shot of the mill without anyone else in it. And with a nice flowering dogwood tree in the foreground...


And then on Monday, after work, we headed out to visit Flatside Pinnacle. This is a great spot, which is just a short hour drive away from Little Rock. But the views from there are awesome, overlooking the thick forests of the Flatside Wilderness, in the Ouachita National Forest. After the drive out from the city, I realized that I had mistakenly left my polarizing filter at home. Oh well. The views made up for my lack of planning in the filter department.


The view from Flatside, as the sun began to set...


The sunset was great, shining over the rolling hills of the Ouachita Mountains...


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