Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clinton Park Bridge

Little Rock seems to love pedestrian bridges. Last weekend, the fourth pedestrian bridge in the city opened up - the Clinton Park Bridge. Before being coverted into a pedestrian bridge and officially re-named, it was the Rock Island Bridge. The Rock Island was built way back in 1899, but went out of service in 1980.

The bridge's new name comes from the fact that it sits right by the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. The bridge officially opened on Sunday, and I paid a visit to the bridge that evening with my Dad. It was a quick tour, and I did have my camera. But I neglected to bring the tripod, so I didn't take too many pictures. This is the view from the North Little Rock side, with the bridge, library and moon in view:

My first reaction is that the views of the skyline are ok - not as good as the Junction Bridge. But it's nice to have something new around to take pictures of...

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