Friday, September 30, 2011

Up On The Rooftop

Last weekend, I decided I needed to head out to take pictures. It was perfect conditions - it was nice and cool outside, and there were some nice clouds in the sky. If my timing was good, there might just be a neat sunset out there.

So I decided to head to downtown Little Rock and visit another parking deck. This one provides a decent view looking off towards the west, which would hopefully provide some nice views of the sunset.

And indeed, it did turn out to be a nice sunset. But I wasn't in the best spot to get a good view of it. This is the view I had, looking towards the Metropolitan National Bank Building and the spire of the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

And then I waited for dusk to settle in over the city. The view from this parking deck overlooked the top of a row of buildings (which front Main Street), with a scattering of some of Little Rock's taller buildings.

While this isn't the best place around to see the modest Little Rock skyline (that would be the Junction Bridge or Fort Roots), it would make for a perfect shooting location for an action movie. It would be great for a scene where the hero cops (one who plays by his own rules and always getting in trouble with the commissioner, and his partner who is just weeks short of retirement) are chasing a bad guy through downtown. The scene would start with a car chase - where the bad guy's car would improbably smash through a randomly placed fruit cart vendor, and then through a large piece of glass that two guys are trying to carry across the street. Somehow the bad guy would escape and make his way up to the rooftop, where the hero cops would give chase.

The bad guy would run across the rooftop, seen above, with the downtown skyline in the background. But then, he would jump across a narrow alley, rolling to a stop just as the two cops come to the edge of the roof. The two cops would see that the jump is too much for them and hesitate. Then the older cop would say that he is just too old for this sh#t.

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Eugene Head said...

Dusk is one of my favorite photography subjects. And the roof deck is the best place for me to capture it. I like the crisp quality of your shots. Did these undergo a post-capture editing process? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Hehe. Great photos, buddy! =)