Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Red River

It was cool and rainy earlier this week - the perfect time to head out to take some pictures. So I decided to pack up the camera gear and head up to Greers Ferry Lake and Collins Creek. It rained the entire trip up to Heber Springs, occasionally falling quite heavily. Luckily by the time I got there, the rain had slacked off a bit. But fog clung to the top of the nearby hills, and the rain left a nice refreshing feel to the air.

The first stop was Cow Shoals, a spot along the Little Red River that is maintained by the Game and Fish Commission. The main purpose here is to provide a spot for trout fishing, but there wasn't anyone out fishing that day. Instead a layer of fog settled over the river. This was taken by the shoal, with the fog-covered river just beyond the line of trees.

I got out the zoom lens to get this shot of these trees on the small island at the shoal, with the foggy river in the background. Some trees are beginning to turn colors, with a bit of yellow popping up on some trees across the river.

On the drive back to Heber Springs, I stopped on the side of the road for some quick shots of this old pink barn...

Near the dam at Greers Ferry Lake is the park visitor center, which has some trails that lead to a few overlooks. I was lazy and just drove to the overlook instead. But the road was covered in a thick fog, but the trees around here were still mostly green.
PA068671 copy

It felt great to get out and spend some time in the woods. And it was nice to next head off towards one of my favorite shooting locations - the great Collins Creek...

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