Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Foggy Downtown

I'm mad at myself, since I had other plans this weekend and totally missed out on the fall colors/waterfall awesomeness up in the Ozarks. But it has continued to rain every day this week, so at least the waterfalls will be running still. I have a vacation day on Friday, which I fully plan to spend dedicated to waterfalls. Of course, the first sunny day predicted for the week is Friday. Hopefully the weather people will be wrong on that one...

Since I missed out on the waterfalls, I wanted to get out and take some pictures. Luckily the rainy weather on Monday left behind a thick fog. I drove home from work as the fog began to grow along the river. I got home and grabbed the camera, and drove over to downtown Little Rock. The clouds were low that night, and the tops of the skyline were hidden by the fog.

I met up with Windy Richardson at the state capitol. It wasn't quite as foggy there as I hoped, and we ended up driving out to a few other places downtown.

Our first stop was a parking deck near Main Street. The top provided some nice views of the skyline, or what we could see of it. The rooftops visible in the foreground are of buildings along Main Street.

And a view incorporating the top of the empty and forlorn parking deck.

I had never been up on this parking deck before, and was pleased that it had some nice views. One of the more interesting things about it was the proximity of the old buildings along Main Street. One of the nearby buildings had a jagged brick edge running down the side of it. It looked like part of an old wall that had been ripped off, like a torn piece of paper. I'm not sure what this was, perhaps part of a building that had long ago been torn down, and replaced with the current building along Main? Why did they leave this curious bit of brick there? In the distance, enveloped in fog, is the Metropolitan National Bank Building.

And another view from the top of the parking deck, and the old Albert Pike Hotel.
PA128962x copy

We left the parking deck and drove along Markham Street past the Old State House. We decided to make a quick stop to get some pictures of the fountains in front of the Robinson Center Music Hall. I thought the fountains may provide a nice foreground, with the Pulaski County Courthouse and the Stephens Building in the background. There was a street light pointing right at us, which made getting pictures from there a bit difficult (along the heavy rain that began to fall).

We left and visited another parking deck, this one by the Bank of America Building. It was still raining, so we set up on one of the covered levels of the deck for some pictures. This was taken looking at the Metropolitan National Bank Building.

And the view looking north along Center Street. The road ends at the Old State House a few blocks away.

The parking deck also provides a nice view of the Union Bank Building. The building's signature yellow lights were reflected in the wet pavement of the parking deck...


Zack Andrews said...

Great shots Brian, it looks like you and Windy had a great time. I'm really enjoying the last shot with the yellow lights reflected in the wet cement/pavement.

Sorry to hear your missing out on all the waterfall photography fun. =(

Don't worry, peak most likely won't be until next weekend, just don't make any plans besides waterfall plans!

WindyBug said...

Great shots Brian! It was fun. Thanks for getting me out in the fog for once.