Friday, October 9, 2009

Collins Creek

The thick fog drifting around the visitor center at Greers Ferry Lake had gotten my hopes up. I was heading off to visit the great Collins Creek, and wishful thoughts of foggy waterfalls drifted through my mind. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. The skies cleared and the sun even began to break through the clouds as I started on the short trail to the creek.

I was a bit surprised to see some welcome pockets of fall color beginning to emerge along the creek. While the landscape was still mostly green, there were a few random trees that had already began to change some.

I love Collins Creek. It's a perfectly relaxing little spot, and it comes with the benefits of having waterfalls that run year-round. I followed the trail further down the creek, and stopped at a few of my favorite spots along the way.

I've been here many times over the years, and began to feel like I was just going there and taking the same pictures again and again. So this year I didn't head up there as often, in fact this is the second time this year I've paid a visit to the creek. And the first visit was way back in the winter, right before a big ice storm was to hit.

But I missed the place, and it felt like paying a visit to an old friend. I have a feeling I'll be back up there soon when the trees are in their full autumn glory.


The waterfalls at Collins Creek aren't tall, but it makes for a scenic spot as the creek rushes over several small cascades and stair-step falls.

As it got later on in the day, a slight fog began to develop along parts of the creek. It would appear, and then disappear just as quickly. Some fog, or mist, had floated around the top of this shot, and I tried my best to get it included.

After that it was about time to head home, the end of a perfect day out in the woods.

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