Thursday, June 11, 2009

Triple Falls or Twin Falls

After finishing the Hawksbill Crag trail, we drove through Boxley Valley and headed towards our next destination - Triple Falls. This waterfall is located within the boundaries of the Buffalo National River, and is part of a Boy Scout camp. The falls are officially called Twin Falls, but are commonly called Triple Falls because there is often three waterfalls flowing down over the bluff.

To get to the falls you drive down a bumpy dirt road. But the falls are easy to reach, it's a very short hike from the parking area to the falls. The waterfall is 48 feet high, and is a nice spot to visit.

There wasn't much water in the falls, and really only two of the waterfalls here were flowing. The third waterfall did have some water going through, but it was mostly a trickle. But here are two of the Triple Falls:


And the middle of the three waterfalls:

Apparently there are two sources for this waterfall. The waterfall on the right is fed by a creek, while the two on the left are fed by a spring. There hadn't been much rain here in the past few days, so there wasn't much water going through.


This is also a popular spot for photographers, and I was again amazed that we were the only ones out here. It is indeed rare to get to spend time in places like this without other people out as well.

And a few more shots of this great waterfall:


From there we drove off towards Jasper, where we got a late lunch at the Ozark Cafe.

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