Sunday, June 14, 2009

Falling Water Falls

After lunch in Jasper, we drove away from the Buffalo River and headed to the south towards Falling Water Falls. Located in the Ozark National Forest, Falling Water Falls are located along Falling Water Creek. The falls and creek can be reached via the Falling Water Road (of course). The road runs alongside the creek, which flows into Richland Creek. Last year a landslide closed the road a few miles north of Falling Water Falls, which has still not been cleared away.

But the falls are right next to the road, so they are very easy to reach. It hadn't rained in awhile but there was still a nice amount of water in the falls.

It is a very cool waterfall, one of my favorite ones in the state. Falling Water Falls isn't very tall, only ten feet, but it is very photogenic.
Falling Water Falls

The falls empty into a large pool, that is also a popular swimming hole in the summer. Again I was amazed that there weren't other people out there too. When we got there, we had the entire place to ourselves.



There was a lot of debris from the recent ice storm here. The heavy rains we had here last month must have picked up a lot of fallen tree limbs and then deposited them around the base of the falls. Several shots I wanted to take were messed up by wayward branches and limbs that got in the way. It'll probably be like this for awhile until the limbs and branches rot enough that they can get washed downstream. This was one clear view of the falls:

After that we got back in the car and drove north towards one last waterfall - Six Finger Falls...

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