Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stormy night at the Big Dam Bridge

Sunday night while driving back to my apartment I made a quick stop over at the Big Dam Bridge. All the rain over the weekend had the Arkansas River up and flooded, crashing over the banks not far from the foot of the bridge. But there were low clouds hanging over the river, picking up the orange glow from city lights in Little Rock. It looked cool and a little bit eerie, like a distant forest fire:

I stood to take these pictures along a sidewalk that usually heads down along the river, where people usually spend their time fishing. But just a few feet away the sidewalk was lost to the murky waters of the river. It was raining lightly as I took this, adding more water to the already high Arkansas River...

And one more shot of the bridge, with the bluish lights reflecting on the clouds above the river.

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