Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ozark Cafe

I meant to post this earlier but completely forgot about it. But we had one last stop to make the other weekend after we left the Lost Valley trail. On the way home we stopped to eat at the Ozark Cafe in Jasper, and had an awesome dinner.

I ordered the French Fried Onion Burger (with swiss and cheddar cheese, bacon, french fried onions and spicy ranch. It was awesome. I was cheap and got chips, but you can also get a few different types of fries.

Most of our dining party ordered burgers. You can chose through a huge range of burgers - from the Ozark Burger, to the Ozark Bacon Cheese Burger, a Veggie Burger and a Buffalo Burger. They also serve up a lot of other dinners. One of us ordered the fried catfish, and said it was among the best she ever ate.

The Ozark Cafe sits across from the Newton County Courthouse in Jasper, right along Hwy. 7. The restaurant has been in business now for 100 years, starting in 1909.


Matthew Kennedy said...

mmmmm yummy burger. What a wonderful place for awesome "road food" Huge menu, great food at great prices. Family owned and open for 100 years, that is a ridiculous stat!!!

Zack Andrews said...

I agree, I'll be stopping there on every trip from here on out. Great hospitality and a small town "feel," not to mention the food was amazing, and like Matt said, a great price! =)

Cormackphotos said...

Matt and Zack - such a great place, worthy of many more trips back up there!