Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On top of Mt. Nebo, all covered with fog...

The rain had pretty much stopped, and in its place came a thick fog. Just about the entire top of the mountain was covered, and is was difficult to see a few feet in front of you. From the waterfall, I drove around the mountain trying to seek out a few good pictures in the fog. I stopped by a small playground and walked around the woods a bit. A recently fallen pine tree jutted out into the mist, with this wave of needles diligently hanging on.

Mt. Nebo has a lot of pine trees, and a lot of moss and lichen too.

Mt. Nebo State Park has two great overlooks, each positioned to give great views of the sunrise and sunset. Those two points are, of course, called Sunrise Point and Sunset Point. I drove by Sunrise Point but it was completely walled in by the thick fog. But at Sunset Point, the fog was breaking up deep in the valley below. Fog and low clouds were drifting about the foothills below, with the trees a deep green.

I drove on, passing through a camping area. There were wood chips scattered about in one area, which made a nice contrast with the distant fog.

I walked deeper into the woods. One good feature at Mt. Nebo is the large amount of lichen-covered rocks that are seemingly everywhere at the park. This is the view including a rock that probably weighs twice as much as my car.

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