Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not quite Spring at Flatside Pinnacle

Last Friday, work let us out a few hours early. We had been in training for the entire week, and I admit to being grateful for the free afternoon. I had planned on driving out that day to Charleston to spend the Easter weekend with family, and leaving early meant I got to cram in a few hours of picture taking along the way.

My first stop was Flatside Pinnacle, located in the Ouachita National Forest about an hour from Little Rock. While Spring has comfortably settled in around Little Rock, it hasn't quite reached Flatside yet. I guess because it is a higher elevation, but the trees were just barely starting to get their leaves. This is the view along part of the Winona Scenic Drive on the way to Flatside:
P4104336 copy

And a bit closer to Flatside, the new growth contrasting with an evergreen and the hillside beyond...

I parked the car and made the short but steep hike up to the top of Flatside Pinnacle. The views there are always amazing, and its one of my favorite places to go in the state. On all sides are rolling hills, each with trees beginning to shine with Spring growth.

My apologies in advance, I got a bit carried away here with the Orton effect on some of these shots, but I liked the look it gives. This is looking off to the west from Flatside. The mountain in the distance is called Forked Mountain.
P4104350 copy

And a few more hills rolling off into the distance:
P4104353 copy

And part of the view from the lichen-covered rocks at the peak of Flatside Pinnacle:

And again, one more view from the top:

I hiked back down to the car and started back on the bumpy dirt road. I passed by this hillside that was covered with ferns and quickly pulled over for a quick shot.

After that I decided to take the "scenic route" to my relative's house, taking Hwy. 10 west instead of the freeway....

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