Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finding Nebo

The road leading up to Mt. Nebo just might be one of the steepest drives in the state. It features several hairpin turns as it switchbacks up the side of the mountain. Always a fun drive, especially when you're driving through thick fog. But suddenly the layer of fog ended, and the trip down the hill was in clear weather, with almost a bit of sun poking through the clouds. The trees along the drive were a vibrant and deep green, the color saturated from the rain. Unfortunately there aren't too many places along the steep road to get pictures.

At the base of the mountain I turned onto a side road that led past pastures and horse stables. Mt. Nebo loomed in the background, the upper reaches being hidden by fog.

Further down the road was this field with a few horses. I wondered if the horses appreciated just how scenic their food plot was.

I turned around and met the main road heading towards Dardanelle and Russellville. I quickly ran out onto the road to get a few quick shots of the road passing through this scenic valley before starting the big climb up Mt. Nebo.
Those skid marks were already there - and weren't caused by some car trying to avoid some idiot photographer standing out in the road taking pictures...

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