Monday, December 15, 2008

State Finals

Right now we are under a winter weather advisory, with some freezing rain and sleet falling. A quick look from the balcony shows some small accumulation, and the streets look icy. Driving to work should be fun tomorrow, since it won't get above freezing...

But luckily it wasn't that cold last Friday night for the state championship game for the 3A division, between the Charleston Tigers and the Fountain Lake Cobras. Going into the final, both teams were undefeated on the season. Fountain Lake had demolished their opponent in the previous game, winning 70-0. Pre-game predictions generally favored Fountain Lake, and Charleston went into the game as the underdogs. The finals were played at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. I was happy about this since I just had to drive across town after work for the game...
Friday Night Lights

I was there cheering for Charleston, and also cheering for my cousin, who plays on the team.




Neither team would score in the first quarter, but there would be five touchdowns in the second quarter - four of them scored by Charleston.

Charleston would score again in the third quarter, all thanks to my cousin. He caught a 65 yard pass and ran it in to score. This is the shot that I'm the most proud of, since I managed to catch him running into score (and it wasn't blurry either).


It helps that War Memorial Stadium has excellent lights, which made taking pictures much easier.






The game would end with Charleston winning, 47-20. Here is a shot of my cousin celebrating at the final whistle as a state champ.

Charleston last won the state championship game in 2005. Hopefully they can repeat next year, and my cousin can get a few more touchdowns out of it.


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