Sunday, December 7, 2008

Capitol Fireworks

The Arkansas State Capitol can be trusted to put on a nice show every Christmas, especially if you want to take pictures. The Little Rock Christmas parade ends at the building, which then has a little ceremony where they turn on the 300,000 lights on the capitol building. After that, a fireworks display caps the end of the night.
Christmas Fireworks

They should be commended for their effort, though the entire event is cheesy. Two local news personalities are the emcees, who trade remarks that are a mixture of dorky and awkward. But at least the fireworks are nice. I've been out here the past two years, and this time decided on finding a new location to shoot from. I set up in front of a large fir tree, which the state decorates with 45,000 lights.
Christmas Lights

My plan was to get the tree, the capitol dome and the fireworks all in one shot. When the fireworks started going off I realized that I didn't have the best spot to shoot from, but couldn't move since the capitol lawn was too crowded. I tried to get the best I could. This is part of the big finale:
Capitol Fireworks


Jonw said...

Awesome! Not at all an easy situation to shoot but you executed it perfectly!

Cormackphotos said...

Thanks Jon! A picture kinda similar to mine appeared on the front page of the paper today. Turns out their photographer was standing a few feet behind me (copycat).