Monday, November 10, 2008

Lorance Creek

On Saturday I stayed close to home, driving out to Lorance Creek, a swampy area located less than 15 miles from downtown Little Rock. The trees around here have lost most of their fall colors and leaves already, so I wasn't expecting much when I got there. The creek is a part of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, and has a short half-mile trail that leads to a boardwalk through a dense swamp.
PB089746 copy 2

A few of the cypress trees here still had some nice color, but most of them were already bare. The murky water was filled with fallen leaves...
PB089752 copy

And looking up at some of those cypress trees...

It was yet another sunny day, but the deep blue sky did look nice reflected in the water.

There wasn't much more to see in the swamp, so I turned by focus onto the neat boardwalk that stretches out above the water. I ended up with a lot more shots of the walkway than I did of the swamp itself.
PB089781 copy2

And ok, just one more:
PB089793 copy

I gave up and made the short walk back to the car and tried to decide where to head next. Since I was so close to downtown, I thought I might hit up a few sights out there (no bridges, this time). More on that soon....

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