Sunday, November 2, 2008

Capture Arkansas

The newspaper in Little Rock, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, held a little photography competition a few months ago. You could submit pictures to the contest, and then people would vote on their favorites. They held a release party for the book on Saturday, and I'm happy to say that I had three pictures published. And I even got an award, for the people's choice in the "Institutions" category. The award came with a $25 gift card, which I guess goes to cover the cost of buying the book.

The winning picture is this one, of fireworks over the Arkansas State Capitol:
Christmas fireworks

Also, this shot of an autumn view from Flatside Pinnacle made it in:
Just as the sun is about to set over the Ouachitas

And this shot of a foggy Lake Bailey at Petit Jean Mountain State Park:
Lake Bailey in the fog


Zack Andrews said...

Congratulations man, they are three well earned photographs. I especially like the Flatside Pinnacle one :)

Did you get a copy of the book?

Jonw said...

Hey that's fantastic!!!! Always love to see family have something great happen! Those are all three stunning shots, and well deserved in the winnings.

Cheap bastards should've given you a book for free, but hey, I guess I'm just defensive of my cousin's victory! Anyways, congratulations-this is just the beginning!

Janelle Martin said...

Awesome job, Brian! Your pictures are well deserved to be in the Capture Arkansas book.

Cormackphotos said...

Zack - I ended up with one, though they cropped out some of my Flatside pic for some reason!

Jon - Thanks, wish they would have given the award winners free books, but it would have cut into their profit margin some.

Thanks Janelle!