Thursday, July 5, 2018

Toronto Islands

One afternoon we hopped on the ferry and made the short ride over to the Toronto Islands, which sit out in Lake Ontario near downtown. The islands are peaceful, with beaches and parkland. It was a nice change of pace after being in the traffic and crowds in Toronto. It also felt about ten degrees cooler there too, which was a huge bonus.

Some people do live on the islands, which seems like it would be an amazing place to live. I imagine the ferry rides might be a little chilly in the winter though. But the views are probably well worth it.



We went by one beach and watched sailboats move across the lake, and then went to get some drinks at a little cafĂ© nearby. After that we headed to this beach which had a great view of the Toronto skyline (there is a clothing-optional beach on the Islands, but this wasn’t it. I didn’t visit that particular beach – you’re welcome, Toronto!). On the other side of the islands there is a small but fairly busy airport, so it was a little strange to see airplanes flying low as they went in to land.


The sun was starting to set, and it slipped right behind the CN Tower.


And a wider view of downtown, with some small waves lazily hitting the beach.


It turned out to be a pretty good sunset too.


One good thing about being out there at dusk was that there didn't seem to be many mosquitoes out. If I was taking pictures back home I would have been devoured by bugs.


It was starting to get late so we got on the ferry and headed back. Luckily the ferry also provides some great views of the skyline as it heads back.



And one last shot, looking towards the CN Tower.


This is the last of the shots from the Toronto trip, thanks for reading this far! It was a fun little vacation, although I admit that I'm still a bit confused about poutine.

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