Monday, February 12, 2018

Big Dam Fog

Last Saturday, I was driving over the I-430 bridge and saw that the river below was coated with a delicate layer of fog. Low clouds clung to the tops of the hills that line the river, drifting through the naked branches of the pine and oak trees. It was good conditions for photography, and luckily I had my camera with me so I quickly headed over to Two Rivers Park to have a look around.

From the Two Rivers Park Bridge, the fog did a pretty good job at obscuring the nearby freeway bridge.



From there I headed downriver and went to the Big Dam Bridge, where there were quite a few people out jogging despite the dreary weather. This was taken looking upstream, with a barge slowly making its way upstream towards the I-430 bridge.


And the view looking west, or well whatever view you could see through the fog.


And before heading back to the car, I got one last shot of the bridge. I carefully placed the camera on the rail, holding on tight so the camera wouldn't drop into the river.


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