Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cathedral of St. Andrew

A big storm was predicted to blow through town last weekend, and I decided to head downtown to try my luck at getting some lightning pictures. But when I got there, I checked the forecast to see that I had seriously misjudged the storm or that the forecast had changed, since now the storm was predicted to reach us in a few hours. Since I had to be at work early the next morning, I gave up on the storm but did get a few pictures of the old Cathedral of St. Andrew on Louisiana Street.

The church was built in 1887 and was for awhile the tallest building in the city. I set up the camera to get a few pictures but there were some huge streetlights nearby that were causing some havoc with the camera, producing some huge lens flares in the pictures. I guess it makes sense, the people in charge of the parking lot were probably more concerned with getting adequate light for the people parking there, and not thinking about any poor photographers who would ramble through. But I ended up moving the car so that it blocked most of the light. The car wasn't quite tall enough, so I stuck a stroller on top and that finally managed to block all of the light. After all that, I went to take a picture and then managed to knock the tripod over and then the camera slammed into the concrete. Luckily it was ok after all that.

There were some fast-moving clouds blowing across the sky in advance of the storm, which caused some neat streaks in the sky during the long exposures:

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