Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pack Rat Falls

We got a ton of rain a few days ago, enough to really get all the waterfalls up and running. I was able to get away for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, and decided to drive up to the Ozarks and do the hike to Pack Rat Falls. The waterfall is a scenic spot, but one that I haven't been to in eight years. I've been wanting to make a return visit, and the conditions were perfect over the weekend.

The trail to Pack Rat Falls starts out at the back of the Haw Creek Falls campground. From there, you just follow a small creek for about a half mile. The creek itself is very scenic, with lots of moss-covered rocks and several small waterfalls.


After crossing the creek a few times, and scrambling around on wet rocks, you finally reach the falls. Pack Rat Falls rushes over the bluff and falls 24 feet into a pool that is surrounded by moss and ferns.



The large tree that sits in the water below the falls looks about the same as it did when I last visited these falls in 2009. In fact, being mostly submerged in water has apparently helped preserve the log. It's actually been sitting there for a long time, there are pictures of it sitting in the same spot that were taken thirty years ago.


After that I hiked back to the campground and made a quick visit to Haw Creek Falls - those pictures coming soon!

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