Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Burgess Falls (Tennessee)

Caroline needed to travel to Nashville earlier this month, so I took a few days off so that Jonah and I could tag along. So while she was busy with work, I had the day free to see some sights in Tennessee with the baby. I decided to make another attempt at taking pictures at Burgess Falls, the impressive 136-foot waterfall that is an hour or so away from Nashville. I've made a few trips here in the past, but haven't ever been able to get a good picture. The first few times the sun was out and the light was too harsh for pictures. I tried again last year, but the trail was closed due to flood damage.

But this time, things were looking promising. It was predicted to be cloudy and rainy all day, and most of the trail had reopened. So we got back in the car and made the drive east, eventually arriving at the park. I loaded up Jonah in the stroller and started walking towards the overlook to the waterfall.

In hindsight, it probably wasn't my brightest moment in parenting. It was a chilly and rainy, and holding an umbrella while pushing the stroller uphill in the mud wasn't all that easy. And while I went on a fairly easy trail, it clearly wasn't designed with strollers in mind. By the time we arrived at the overlook, I hurried to get a few pictures while an unhappy baby let me know that he wasn't too pleased with the trip and with our being out in the rain. But I did at least get the picture, and Jonah fell asleep in the car on the way back to Nashville.


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