Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Downtown Lightning

Some big storms were predicted to pass through last Friday night, so like any normal and logical person I decided to go stand in the rain next to a metal tripod and attempt getting some pictures of lightning. So I drove to downtown Little Rock and went to the top of a parking deck, where I hoped I'd get a pretty good view of the storm as it came in from the west. While I waited, I passed the time getting a few pictures. This is the view of the Simmons Tower, the 40-story skyscraper that is the tallest building in the state. I like this building in the foreground with a strange segment of a brick wall attached, which looks like it was ripped like a sheet of paper.


Eventually, the storms finally hit. I had to hide the camera as strong winds and rain blew through, soaking everything in the parking deck (and removing a bunch of pollen in the process). Once things calmed down a bit, I set the camera back up and actually managed to get a shot of a lightning bolt cutting through the sky. This is one of about 70 pictures taken during the storm, and the only one that managed to capture any lightning.


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