Monday, June 15, 2015

Two Rivers Bridge

A few times every year, the sun is positioned in a certain way so that it sets directly above Pinnacle Mountain. The best places to see this happen are on the pedestrian bridges over the Arkansas River, the Big Dam Bridge or the Two Rivers Bridge. So the other night I headed out to Two Rivers Park, and met up with Zack and John. The sun was just about to set above the flooded Arkansas River, which had caused parts of the park around the Big Dam Bridge to be closed.

From this angle, Pinnacle Mountain can look almost like a volcano (it's not!). And when the sun sets directly on top of it, it almost looks like it is erupting.


And a view of the bridge from Two Rivers Park, with the flooded river in the foreground.


We weren't the only ones at the bridge. A low cloud of bugs descended on the bridge, which if it happened in Egypt during biblical times might have been more worrisome. Maybe the flooded river displaced them, or maybe bugs usually flock over the bridge this time of year? But they were out in full force that night. I took a video just to show it, as the bugs looked more like snow.


The people walking on the bridge didn't seem to enjoy it, but the spiders probably did. There were a lot of webs built on the railings on the bridge, and the spiders must have enjoyed a feast that night.

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