Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cato Star Trails

A few weeks ago (I'm way behind on posting, my apologies to my two readers) I headed out to try to take star trail pictures at an old church in the small community of Cato, Arkansas. The conditions were great, it was perfectly clear outside without a trace of clouds.

I headed to Cato, which is actually located just north of Little Rock, on the Pulaski and Faulkner county line. Cato was once a thriving little town, and the church here was built way back in 1880. But the town declined sharply in 1940 when the Army bought all of the land surrounding Cato for Camp Robinson. The base cut off access to most of the town, and the population dropped. The church closed in 1962, but it is still maintained and is in good shape.

This shot is about an hour's worth of star trails above the church. There is also a lot of activity at the bottom of the shot, with little streaks of light from fireflies.


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