Saturday, February 21, 2015

St. Boniface Catholic Church

One day after work, I avoided the rush hour traffic in Little Rock and instead drove off west towards the old St. Boniface Catholic Church. This is one of the prettiest old churches in the state, and is located along Hwy. 60 between Conway and Perryville (it's not far from the metropolis of Toad Suck). When I got there, the light from the setting sun was pouring onto the church.


The first church here was built in 1901, and featured a high alter that was imported from Germany. But the church would unfortunately catch fire a few years later during a service. The building was destroyed, although the alter was saved. When the church was rebuilt in 1906, the alter returned and is still a part of the church.


And a view of the old cemetery that flanks the church...


I have recently become obsessed with star trail pictures. So after it got dark I set up the camera with the hopes that I might be able to get a decent shot from here. The camera took photos for about two hours, while I awkwardly sat nearby in my car (much to the concern of someone driving by, who asked if I was ok). Over that two hours, I got about two hundred pictures, which were later stacked together. I ended up with this view of the church, looking towards the North Star.


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