Wednesday, February 11, 2015


From Mount Holly Cemetery, I headed out east to the small town of Scott. Located only about 15 miles from Little Rock, Scott contains a great little collection of old historic homes, churches and barns. I like to make the short drive there since it will consistently provide some different photogenic locations.


This is just up the road from Cotham's, which has some good burgers that make for another good reason to visit Scott. I headed south, deep into the flat lands that surround the town. There are miles and miles of fields here, dormant for the winter. A few homes and farm buildings dot the landscape, and a few old churches. This old church, along the amusingly named Wampoo Lateral Road, looks like it has been empty for awhile.



Down the road is another church, in a much worse state of disrepair. The roof is sagging, and probably won't be standing too much longer.


Next I headed towards the small town of Keo, which also has a nice collection of old buildings. This place is colorful, but also empty and abandoned.


I drove out again, driving near Bearskin Lake and the Marlsgate Plantation. I randomly found a huge flock of birds, nesting in one of the fields. I wanted to get a bit closer, but it would have meant either driving or walking through someone's field. So instead I tried to take a few pictures while hoping the birds would decide to fly closer to me, but for some reason they never did.


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