Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Camera!

I had a really good Christmas this year - I spent some wonderful time with friends and family, looking back on the joys of the holiday season. And also I got some cool presents. There was a new FC Dallas jersey, a new tripod, and a new camera! My wife surprised me with a new Canon 6D, which means that I've finally moved on to the Dark Side after shooting Pentax and Olympus for years.

My first real camera was a Pentax P30T, which I got in either 1994 or 1995 (I'm too old to remember now). It was a good camera to start learning photography on, since you had to figure out your own focus and exposures. It even managed to get me through the intense and Pulitzer-level photojournalism that I did with the North Little Rock High School yearbook. I upgraded in 1999 to a trusty Pentax ZX50, which came with a few more bells and whistles. In 2006 I finally joined the digital world and bought an Olympus e500 (which I was very proud of at the time, although phones now have more megapixels than that camera). In 2010 I moved up to an Olympus E30. I've really enjoyed that camera, and loved the pictures it produced. But a few months ago we decided it was time to move into the world of full-frame cameras. So after a few months of saving, we upgraded again to the Canon 6D. I do feel a twinge of sadness, like I'm cheating on Olympus.

But the new camera is awesome! After opening the box and charging the batteries (the Olympus came with charged batteries you know), I took the camera out for a few test shots. This is one of our dogs, a Shetland Sheepdog, who was happy to model for a few pictures.


That night I took the camera out to try to get a few more pictures. It was a little awkward, since I was trying to use a new tripod and a new camera at the same time. Also it was raining, so I was trying to hold an umbrella over the lens at the same time.


Took the camera out again the next morning, but not after spending the time and actually looking through the instruction manual first. I'm proud to say that I haven't yet managed to drop or break the new camera yet (so far).

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