Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little Rock

On a foggy and rainy Sunday afternoon, Caroline and I went to downtown Little Rock to run a few errands. The fog was hanging low, obscuring the top of the skyline. Perhaps, I thought, there might be good conditions later on that night for picture taking. So a few hours later I drove back towards downtown, hoping the fog had stuck around.

It didn't. The fog was gone, replaced with swirling clouds. So not quite what I expected, but I headed out to try to find something to take pictures of. I ended up standing on this bridge over Interstate I-630, with this view of the dome of the state capitol. I was surprised there was this much traffic on the freeway on a Sunday night (must have been people heading to and from the mall for Christmas shopping).


I drove across the river to North Little Rock, and into Riverfront Park. The low clouds were being illuminated by the city lights below, giving them a yellow tint. And oddly enough, the lights on the Junction Bridge seemed to match up with the sky.


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