Sunday, November 16, 2014

Smokies Sunset

We ended up spending a lot more time at Elkmont than we had planned, which ate into our time to see another spot before it got dark. So we drove back into the park, over the Newfound Gap and into North Carolina again. Along the way we stopped at this overlook, where the light from the sun was hitting the sides of one of the mountains.


There was an overlook that we saw the day before that I thought might be a good sunset spot. It was up high, near Clingmans Dome. So that meant it was windy and cold, but I hurried out to claim a good spot. I had been to a few places before where it gets crowded with cameras and tripods, so it's wise to stake your claim when you can. But while it was a good overlook, it wasn't apparently the best sunset spot. A few other photographers showed up, but they hurried on to another spot. The ideal sunset spot, apparently, was down the road. Whoops, but it was a nice overlook.


I decided to drive to another spot, but the sun had pretty much set. I pulled over and managed to catch this view before it got dark.


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