Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow at the Old Mill

We had a little bit of a snow storm pass through Little Rock on Friday night. It wasn't much, only 2 or 3 inches or so, but it was enough to effectively shut down the entire city of Little Rock. I would stand back and laugh at the silly southerners who can't handle a bit of snow on the ground. But then I was stuck in the middle of it, unable to drive my car up any hills.

We went out to eat Friday night, and walked out of the restaurant to find that the streets were already beginning to get clogged with abandoned cars. Fortunately we weren't too far from home, but the neighborhood has a lot of hills and I couldn't get the car to go up any sort of incline. We ended up parking the car in a church parking lot and walking home in the snow.

But the next day it warmed up again and the snow, which so menaced Little Rock the night before, had started melting. The roads cleared enough so I could rescue my poor car, and then head out to take some pictures. I drove to the Old Mill in North Little Rock, and hoped that it would be open. I've taken probably thousands of pictures here, but never in the snow. Every time I drove there after a snow, the gates would be locked. But luckily, some kind city worker opened up the gates of the park that day.

The Old Mill

I was amazed at how empty the park was. Usually there are throngs of people at the Mill. But for most of the time I was there, I had the place to myself.


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