Thursday, January 16, 2014


Scott is a neat little community, located about 15 miles east of Little Rock. It's an old town, surrounded by miles of farm land and old homes, barns and plantation buildings. There are also thousands upon thousands of pecan trees around Scott. Pecan trees line the main road through the area, stretching for a few miles. I've taken a lot of pictures out there over the years, but I've really been wanting to get a shot there of the road in a thick fog.

A few days ago, it was really foggy and I got my hopes up. I was at work, and anxiously kept looking out the window. Maybe, just maybe, I could rush home from work and get the camera, then hurry to Scott to catch the road in the fog? All that before it got dark? So I left work and sped east towards Scott, only to find that there wasn't much fog there. Dang.

I stood out in the pouring rain to take a few pictures as it began to get dark. There wasn't as much fog as I would have hoped...


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