Wednesday, November 20, 2013

San Francisco - Twin Peaks

Our next stop was Twin Peaks, an amazing overlook that sits atop one of the tallest hills in the city. From the overlook, San Francisco spreads out below you like a blanket. This is the view looking towards the skyline...


And no, we didn't see Laura Palmer up there.


From Twin Peaks you could really appreciate just how dense San Francisco is. The buildings here seem to rise and fall along the curves of the hills, stretching far along the landscape.



I was just amazed at how dense everything was here. Especially since I'm from a city that sometimes seems to love nothing more than knocking down old buildings and replacing them with parking lots.


We stood at Twin Peaks for awhile, waiting for dusk. It was a bit windy up at the top of the hill, but the view was worth the chill. This is downtown San Francisco right before sunset...


And then after dusk...

Twin Peaks

And for a panoramic view, click HERE!

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