Tuesday, November 19, 2013

San Francisco - Alamo Square

From the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove back into the city and got some lunch in the Mission District.  From there, we drove by the Mission Dolores.  Built in 1776, it's the oldest surviving building in the city.  This is the newer church that is connected to it (new in that it was built as recently as 1918).   


From there we went into the Civic Center and went by the San Francisco City Hall. It's a really neat building, so we decided to stop and take a closer look.


The City Hall was opened in 1915, replacing a city hall that was destroyed during the 1906 earthquake. The building's dome is the fifth largest dome in the world.


From there we headed up the hill to Alama Square. You might remember the Alamo Square. It's one of the most popular views of the city. There were a bunch of people perched on the hillside with cameras, and a lot more people singing the "Full House" theme song.


It was nearly impossible to get a picture that didn't have anyone walking through it, or laying down in the grass.



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