Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blanchard Springs

Blanchard Springs is an ideal place to visit in the summer. The springs run year-round, so there is a waterfall there even in the driest of times. And also, the caverns there stay a cool 58 degrees. So last weekend I was able to escape the heat and dropped down below the surface for a tour of the caverns.


Blanchard Springs Caverns are filled with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstones. It wasn't the easiest place to take pictures in, since it was fairly dark.


The Forest Service operates the cavern tour, along a trail that was opened in 1973. This was just a few decades after the cavern was explored, it had remained hidden for centuries. Although there was evidence of humans there, a 1,000 year old skeleton was found in the cave. The poor guy got stuck down there, and this was before the Forest Service paved a path and lit the place.


We didn't make it to the springs, which is ok since it was sunny and the light wouldn't be right for taking pictures. So instead here's a shot from last year:

Blanchard Springs