Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Downtown Sunrise

I got a text from Barry again last week, asking if I'd be interested in getting some pictures from another building in downtown Little Rock.  This would be another building that rarely grants access to visitors, let alone photographers.  So I was eager to take him up on the offer.  The only would be at sunrise.

I'm not a fan of mornings, let alone being awake at sunrise.  But I agreed, since it was a rare opportunity.  So I found myself in the parking lot at 5:45 am on Thursday morning, trying to ingest as much caffeine as possible to wake myself up.  We were escorted to the top of the "undisclosed location" and went to see the view.  It looked mostly off to the east, so that you couldn't see much of the downtown skyline.  But it did offer a great view of the Clinton Presidential Library.  Here is the sun rising right above the Library:

I had to work that morning, so around 7:00 I decided to leave since I had to drive clear across Little Rock to get to the office. But I didn't need to worry, since there isn't much traffic going into the suburbs. I made it to the office in far western Little Rock in no time at all. I even got there about 15 minutes early, much to the amazement of my boss.

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