Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An old barn

I traveled out to western Arkansas last weekend to attend my Aunt's 60th birthday party, and decided to make a quick stop while driving back towards home on Sunday.  There is a neat old barn that I drove by last year that I wanted to check in on.  It was in a pretty bad state then, leaning a bit too precariously.  I was interested to see if it was still standing.  And also to take a few pictures of it, too.

This is what it looked like last December:

Still Standing

After driving down a dusty dirt road for a few minutes, I was happy to see the barn was there and was still standing.  Since my last visit there was on a cold and rainy winter day,  my plan was to get a newer shot of the barn now with some green leaves on the trees.  There was a flaw in my plan.  We are in the middle of one of the worst droughts in decades, so the trees aren't all that green right now.  The grass in front of the field was dry and brown.  You know there hasn't been much rain when the grass makes crunching noises when you walk on it.  But here is the shot of the barn now, I'd like to try to get a shot of it in the autumn (if we have any fall colors this year).


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