Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Rivers Bridge

There were some interesting clouds on Monday night, which might end up making a decent sunset if they stuck around for a bit.  So around 8:00 I headed out to Two Rivers Bridge, and was more than thrilled to see some nice clouds in the sky.  It was already getting close to sunset, so I hurried to find a good spot.

I was a few minutes late, and got set up just before the sun dripped below the low hills next to Pinnacle Mountain:


Which it was a nice sunset, but it's not the best sunset I've seen from this area.  This was taken from the Big Dam Bridge in 2007:
Stormy Sunset

I stood out on the bridge for a bit, taking pictures as the light slowly drained away from the sky.  When most of the light was gone, I walked through the thick and muggy air to find a few spots to take pictures of the bridge.

Since my previous visit to Two Rivers, the landscaping around the base of the bridge has been finished.  It does look really nice, and also opens up some views of the bridge.  I sat at this one spot, near the parking lot, and waited for it to get dark.  Dusk settled in, but the lights on the bridge hadn't been turned on yet.  I sat and waited and waited, thinking of bad jokes about someone forgetting to pay the bill, or flip a switch somewhere.

The lights flickered at 9:00, but I think I like the picture of the bridge without the lights better.  Some of the lights were out, which left parts of the bridge dark.  Here is the bridge without any of the lights:

And a bit later, with the lights on:


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