Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Junction Bridge

On Sunday night I headed to downtown Little Rock with the idea of getting some pictures of....something.  I wandered the streets, trying to think of something new to get a picture of.   Little Rock is a nice place, but not that big, so it seems like new things to take pictures of are rare.  I eventually ended up at the Junction Bridge, and hoped that there might be something interesting to get a picture of, that hasn't been photographed a million times before.

So I walked along the landscaped grounds at the foot of the bridge, in the area they cleared out in honor of the actual "little rock" that doesn't really exist anymore.  There were some pretty flowers growing there, which maybe, just maybe, might look cool with the bridge in the background.  So the camera was set up, and I waited in the hot summer weather for it to get dark.  I took a few pictures, hoping that at least one would turn out sharp.  The exposures were getting longer as it got darker, and a slight breeze was blowing the flowers around.

Here's one that actually turned out:


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