Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riverfest Fireworks

This past weekend was Riverfest, the huge festival in Little Rock's Riverfront Park.  I didn't make it to any of the concerts this year (I would have liked to have seen Third Eye Blind), but did make it out for the fireworks show on Sunday night.  This year, we managed to get access to the top of the River Market Tower.  So we got to enjoy the show from 20 stories above the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

After securing a good spot on the rooftop, we waited for it to get dark.  The view from up there was great, providing some good views of downtown.  This is looking north, with the River Market, the amphitheater (where some country band was playing), the Junction Bridge, the Arkansas River and Verizon Arena.


Here is the view looking west, where the last bit of the sunset was disappearing behind the Little Rock skyline. P5271128

And finally, it was time for the fireworks show. This was a great location to see the fireworks, we had a perfect view of the Main Street Bridge where the fireworks are shot from.  It was a good view to see when things might not have gone as planned, like when this firework looked to have exploded a little too close to the bridge, and the people working on it....


And finally, one last shot from the fireworks show... P5271172

After the show was over, Snoop Dogg took to one of the Riverfest stages. Unfortunately I couldn't hear of the show from where we were at, so we all headed back downstairs and joined the huge crowd of people trying to make their way home...


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