Thursday, May 3, 2012


As I was slowly making my commute home from work last night, I noticed some interesting clouds up in the sky.  If they managed to stick around a few hours, they might lead to an interesting sunset.  So as it got closer to dusk, I grabbed the camera and tried to find a spot for a few pictures.  I ended up at Fort Roots, on the Big Rock across the river from Little Rock.

The view of the downtown skyline from there is terrific.  In the past, it hasn't always been easy.  Fort Roots is part of the VA Medical Center, and security guards would chase off people with cameras.  But luckily, a new bike/walking trail has been built that runs along the bluff, just outside of the fence to Fort Roots.  So I was able to stand up there taking pictures without any visits from security.  Instead, it was a guy walking his dog, someone else taking pictures, and a bunch of people whizzing by on bikes.

There was a large storm off to the east, and the light from the setting sun began to hit it, creating some amazing color in the sky.  There was even a hint of a rain shower coming down from the cloud.  Here is the view of the cloud, high above downtown Little Rock:


And finally, a view of downtown Little Rock after dusk: P5020253x

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