Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After visiting Nimrod, I turned around and headed back towards Perryville. My next stop was Houston (the one in Arkansas, population 159). There is also a neat old church there, so I pulled over for a few pictures:

During my drive, I passed through a lot of smoke. I wasn't sure if it was farmers burning their fields, or forest fires. But I would pass through random clouds of smoke that blanketed everything like a fog. As the sun began to set, it hit the layer of smoke in the sky and turned it a deep red. I was driving home and immediately tried to find a good vantage point of the smoky sunset. My goal was to find a neat tree or something to have in the foreground. I turned off the main road, hoping to find something good. And amazingly, I actually found a nice tree sitting in a field with the sunset behind it.

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Some Call Me Tim said...

Really cool shot of the sunset! I'm learning the art behind photography and just discovered your blog while seeking inspiration. Thanks for sharing your work!