Friday, December 30, 2011

Clinton Park Bridge

After work last night, I headed downtown to take a few pictures. I ended up going to the foot of the Clinton Park Bridge in North Little Rock. I set up the camera and waited for dusk to settle over the city.

The Clinton Park Bridge is an old railroad bridge, built in 1899 by the Choctaw and Memphis Railroad. It was opened up as a pedestrian bridge earlier this year, connecting the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock. This is a view of the bridge, with the Bill Clinton Presidential Library on the left:

Here is a wider view of the bridge:

I then walked across the bridge and enjoyed the views overlooking the river. But I wasn't the only person enjoying the views of the skyline. There is a RV park that sits near the foot of the Clinton Park Bridge. As I stood on the bridge taking pictures, I saw several RVs and cars pull into the RV parking lot. Clearly one RV had claimed the best spot, so I turned the camera on it. I liked the contrast between the busy city on one side of the river, and the quiet RV parked along the opposite shore:


Don said...

I always like you're downtown photos, but to me that one with the RV is pretty great even by your standards. It has a nice punchline.

Don said...

That should be your not you're.

Cormackphotos said...

Thanks Don!