Friday, March 25, 2011

FC Dallas vs. Chicago

Last weekend, I made a pilgrimage to my holy land of sports – Frisco, Texas. There in the suburbs of Dallas, you will find a cathedral of soccer, the great Pizza Hut Park. At the alter of soccer I made a sacrifice, which was a few hundred miles on the car, many gallons of gas, a hotel room, and the game ticket (although thanks to Groupon we had a good deal on the tickets – half off!).

On the verdant grass of the pitch, I went to see my saints of soccer play, the legendary FC Dallas. The great crusaders nearly made it to the heaven of Major League Soccer last season, playing in the MLS Cup Final. Their loss to the vile Colorado Rapids still leaves a bad sting. But the new season brings hope that they will again return to the promised land, and finally bring home the MLS Cup trophy.

The season opener saw my beloved FC Dallas playing against a rival, the Chicago Fire. The dastardly Chicago team would manage to score the first goal, in the 16th minute. Luckily, the good guys would come back, as FC Dallas would score the tying goal a minute later.
The Oven

In the second half, a Dallas player ended up getting a red card, so the good guys played the rest of the game down a man.

The game would end as a 1-1 draw. But after the game, there was a small fireworks show over Pizza Hut Park. I didn't try to bring a tripod into the game, so in order to get a shot of the fireworks I had to rest the camera on top of a table on the stadium concourse. It wasn't the best place to set up the camera, but it was the best I could manage at the time...
Pizza Hut Park

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