Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cougar Falls

Just a few miles away from Funnel Falls, you will find several other waterfalls all located near the road. One of those is the 77 foot-tall Cougar Falls.

The guidebook describes the journey to Cougar Falls as an "easy bushwhack," which unfortunately isn't the case anymore. Damage from the 2009 ice storm has wreaked havoc on this area. The debris around the falls is ridiculously awful. It's nearly impossible to walk to the falls without having to scramble over, or crawl under, the tangle of fallen limbs and tree trunks. But after some effort, we finally made it to the edge of the bluff, with this view of the falls...

And a closer view of the falls. Contrary to the fall's name, we didn't see any cougars out there (be it feline or of the frisky older lady variety).

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