Thursday, June 24, 2010

Downtown (again)

It was another hot day (about 100) when I drove back into downtown Little Rock. I ended up getting a few shots of some places while trying to test out some stuff on the camera. The first stop was along Second Street, by the Pulaski Country Courthouse. The heat of the day had been chased away by a huge storm. Distant bolts of lightning were being reflected on the side of the Stephens Building.

There is a small park by the courthouse, with this old fountain. In the background is the Robinson Center Music Hall.

From there I drove over to the state capitol in hopes of catching some pictures of the lightning. I had been there for a few minutes when a Little Rock police officer walked up to me. "Great..." I thought, figuring that I was about to get arrested for taking pictures of the capitol or some such nonsense. But the officer said "hey buddy!" and introduced himself. He had walked up with a camera on a tripod, and he was also out trying to get pictures of the lightning. Turns out that he is new to photography and wanted to talk about it. I did refrain myself from using any bad puns ("it would be criminal to not be out taking pictures tonight"), but I didn't end up with any pictures of the lightning.

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