Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A shot of some graffiti, along an electrical box in downtown Little Rock. This was actually taken next to the studios for KATV Channel 7, shortly after I was there to make an appearance on the Saturday morning "Daybreak."
What's the frequency, Kenneth?

The interview went ok, I think. I was really nervous going in, since I've never done an interview like that before, especially one on live television. I managed to stumble my way though the questions. But I think it might have been better if the person interviewing me had spent a bit more time preparing for the interview. We met just about a minute before going on air, after I put on the lapel mic, and she quickly tried to find out more info about the show and the photographer sitting on the couch next to her. There were a few awkward pauses, I think, when she didn't know what to say to me and I didn't know what to say to her. Oh well. But at least my name was only mispronounced twice on air.

But the title for this shot comes from the R.E.M. song, which was inspired by what a mugger yelled at poor Dan Rather back in 1986. While walking along the street in New York, Rather was attacked by a man who was missing a few channels on the dial, so to speak. He believed that the media was controlling his thoughts, and he yelled out "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" But I just realized now that it is kinda creepy that someone wrote that outside of the tv station. I can reassure anyone who reads this that I did not go on tv in an attempt to control your thoughts...

Although my Republican friends have jokingly accused me of now being a member of the Liberal Media Elite.

It was a rare Saturday morning that I was awake before noon, so I spent some time driving around in an attempt to get some pictures in the chilly morning air. I did stop by the fountain outside of the Pulaski County Courthouse, which had turned into a giant ice cube in the below freezing weather (it was about 19 degrees out).

I thought it was a cool idea for a shot, only to find out later that a picture of the same fountain was published on the front page of the Arkansas section of the paper on Saturday....

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